My research field of interest is high energy astrophysics. In particular, I study the formation of large scale structure in the Universe: galaxy clusters, superclusters, and filaments. Structure formation involves energetic collisions of massive objects that produce a ~100 million Kelvin plasma as well as relativistic protons and electrons. These in turn produce a characteristic X-ray signature that I use to study the physics of structure formation. Recent work has been in the area of galaxy evolution in groups and clusters, cosmic ray acceleration in galaxy cluster mergers, and the discovery of Dark X-ray Galaxies.

I am editing a special issue on “X-ray emission from Large Scale Structure” in the journal, Universe. Submissions and inquiries are welcome. Follow the link for more information.

MIR image of Stephan’s Quintet from JWST                eRosita X-ray/Optical view of A3395-A3391 Supercluster